Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year New Outlook

Whew! It's 2012 ya'll! Does anyone else get hurled into January and embrace the quiet like I do? The holidays at Casa de Lamer are always a blast. Hubbin' and I have more Christmas spirit than a passel of elves so we make the most of every.single.moment. this time of year.

We had so much dang spirit we decorated TWO TREES. That's right boys and girls...TWO TREES. We've been collecting ornaments for 10 years and this Christmas we realized that our usual six foot beauty proudly displayed in the front window of our little cottage would simply not suffice for our collection of memories. So we upgraded. And I mean upgraded. In addition to the six footer in the front window (because we couldn't bear the thought of not seeing a tree every time we pulled into the driveway) we acquired a 10 foot monster for the living room. She was a beaut I tell ya. *sigh*

We had a blast Christmas morning opening the thoughtful and exciting gifts we'd gotten for each other. Since there's no kiddos in the casa Hubbin' and I have a great time shopping for one another. Homeboy outdid himself this year with the gifties. A La Creuset dutch oven and an amazing labradorite necklace to name a few! We snuggled in with the kitties and pup for a while then wound down the day with Dominoes pizza at the sister's with our adorable niece and nephew.

Back to being hurled into the new year. Wowzers. It's been a doozy. I'm facing a lot of big decisions this month and am trying desperately to not over think said decisions and get caught up in the fear of change. I am usually change's biggest fan! Change has always worked out for me so I'm struggling with where this fear is coming from. For now I'm chalking it up to getting older and more jaded. I've given myself until January 31st to get a grip on these things and act.

So it is written, so shall it be done.

Being an adult is tough shit sometimes...can I get an amen?!?!?!

In the meantime I hope anyone who finds themselves wandering onto my "little patch of dirt" here is in good health, excited for new beginnings, and having a blast doing what YOU do.

I'll keep ya posted on my changes as I move through them. Until we meet again...cheers to you and 2012! TOOT TOOT!