Thursday, October 3, 2013

The One Where Lindsey Channels Daniel Day Lewis

First and foremost dear reader, I have edited this blog post from a wordy diatribe of our recent shenanigans to a quick and dirty version.  You and your patience may thank me by sending me Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Please and thank you.

I've discovered the quickest way to update anyone who may read this here blog post is with bullet points.  I'll try to keep my usual wordy self locked in a cage and write efficient succinct paragraphs so you're not here for days.  Or, give up two paragraphs in because I've pretended this is my diary.

On to the updates!

1.  We are heading into fall in Portland and we love it.  Rain!  Glorious rain!  We had no AC this summer in this rag tag living situation we're in and we couldn't be more thrilled about chilly wet weather.  BRING IT ON PACIFIC NORTHWEST.

2.  Eric and I were on a Sunday drive recently and he asked if I'd heard of the movie "There Will Be Blood" starring Daniel Day Lewis.  I answered him by launching into this monologue on the spot:

He literally laughed out loud and I beamed with pride.  I've never seen this movie nor do I have any plans to, but somehow this anchored itself into my brain and I recite on a somewhat regular basis.  Thank god this man loves me unconditionally.  It's not even the quirkiest thing I do around here if you can believe it, which I'm sure you can.  I'm confident my Oscar is in the mail because frankly, I do this scene as well, if not better, than Danny here.

3.  While our business has thankfully kept our bills paid and bellies full of pizza and beer, Eric and I decided to get full time jobs because we want to move out of this house and we'd prefer to buy than rent again.  A friend of ours referred Eric for a great job he started this week and all signs point to the perfect scenario.  A paycheck he's satisfied with, but flexibility to keep Multnomah Medical alive.  The universe promptly rewarded him by blowing his phone up the first week at his new job with a slew of jobs for Multnomah. Looks like he'll be working two jobs for the foreseeable future.  We're eyeball deep in gratitude over here and gearing up for a busy winter.

4.  I decided to sign up with a temp agency while I looked for a job in the dreaded medical administration field and ended up with a three week assignment at a job I love.  Yes.  It turns out there is an actual job out there that Lindsey can go to daily and not loathe.  Unfortunately, it is temporary and I start my new permanent full time job Monday.  I was offered a position in a spiffy high-rise in downtown Portland where I will be a Billing and Eligibility Specialist (sounds's not) and although I'm snarky (Me? Snarky?) I'm also grateful.  It pays well and I get to ride the bus into downtown every day with the cool kids. Seriously.  Everyone who works downtown rides the bus because there is virtually no parking, and what parking there is you have to mortgage your house to pay for.

5.  Eric had a booth at Portland Comic Con a few weeks ago to sell more of his hoarded duplicate collection of action figures.   He made quite a tidy sum and I celebrated by buying Barbra Streisand's coffee table book about decorating on Amazon.  I love that book.  I ended up buying two copies so I could cut out pictures from one for the vision board but still have the other to read.  Again, nowhere even close to the quirkest thing I do around this place.

6.  My cousin Sara and her sweet fiance Peter came out for a visit this summer and we had a great time.  I hadn't seen Sara in about 10 years we figured, and I'm happy to report that I still like her sooooo very very much and Pete too.  They biked downtown and all around while they were here for a few days and we wound down the evenings with cocktails, beer and food which is the only way to do it in this town.  A good time was had by all I'm happy to report and Eric and I are looking forward to visiting them in Boulder when Eric has a minute between jobs.

7.  Now that the rain has moved in I am reminded of my silly dog's refusal to step in wet grass resulting in me having to walk her around the block 37 times a day in a torrential rain storm for her to find the perfect piece of concrete to piddle on.  She's more than a little neurotic, and she gets this from her father I assure you.  A trip to REI for heavy duty rain boots and rain coats is in order.

8.  Eric and I celebrated eight years of wedded bliss yesterday.  We went to our favorite itty bitty Italian restaurant in the neighborhood and enjoyed a few cocktails and a cozy dinner while it poured down rain outside.  It was dark, there were candles lit and it was perfect.  We kept the romance alive afterwards by heading to Fred Meyer for me to buy new ear buds because the ones I had were hurting my ears.  Keep that romance alive folks!  I'm happy to report that after 12 years together, we still really really like each other.  Also, in spite of the aforementioned dramatic monologue Eric still finds me attractive.  It goes without saying that I still find him smoking hot too.  That beard!  That may be my favorite thing about this move in fact.  Eric's freedom to grow in a scruffy beard that I adore.

So there's eight somewhat quick takes of the goings on at Casa de Lamer in case you were wondering. Stay tuned for more adventures from this gruesome twosome as we head into the winter months in this beloved rainy land.

Peace out.