Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guilt, Ghosts and Biscuits...Oh My!

Eric left for work this morning for a job a few hours away, and I was wrestling with guilt.  He had to get up at 6 am (you know you've been in vacation mode when that feels like a big deal) and I am left to my own devices.  I dropped the dog off for a much needed grooming and realized I was anxious and felt guilty about having an entire day to myself with no pressure, no commitments.

Driving home after dropping Wicket off I started frantically trying to think of a place to get a job.  A coffee shop.  The pottery studio up the street.  Maybe a dog grooming salon (they are every where here).  I shouldn't have a day in the middle of the week to myself!  Eric is working today, why should I get to sit in the sun and drink jasmine tea without a care in the world?

Yikes.  I pulled my neurotic self together and decided that instead of feeling guilty and anxious I needed to be grateful.  This is exactly what I wanted.  The last two years of my job in Fresno seemed so tedious because I didn't want to work 9-5 anymore.  I wanted a free day to myself in the middle of the week without having to call in sick or schedule it weeks in advance.  I got exactly what I wanted, why in the world would I waste a second feeling badly about that?  Besides, Eric was relieved and grateful to have a job to get to today.  He's certainly not pissed that I'm home blogging with my tea and pastry from the bakery up the street.  He's the first one to remind that this was the goal all along.  I'll have "work" when his paperwork comes home with him tonight, so in the meantime be grateful and excited about the fact that we made it happen.  Take advantage of the backyard I love, gorgeous 70 degree weather that is so out of the ordinary for this city, and the time to myself.

So, in the spirit of embracing the fantastic life we chose for ourselves here's a little update about what we've been up to lately.

1.  I joined a paranormal research club.  I know you're shocked *snicker*.  My girlfriend Michelle invited me her club's monthly meeting a few weeks ago and I gladly went.  I had a blast!  There are four other women in the group (including Michelle) and I felt like I'd known them forever.  They formed their club as a hobby and have the same approach I do about such things.  They are an interesting group of women who were so friendly and made me feel right at home.  Plus it was potluck and they like to eat so it was a perfect match from the start. I am really looking forward to our next meeting at The Kennedy School, which is a funky old school house turned hotel with bars and good restaurants.  If you come to town while we live in this itty bitty house I will highly recommend that you stay there.  I'm coordinating an investigation for the group this summer at ECETI Ranch where Eric and I spent a night last October.  Awesome.

2.  That same Sunday I also volunteered with Michelle at a local cat rescue.  It was nerve-wracking at first, you know I feel the need to wallow in sorrow about every "homeless" animal I encounter but this was a great experience.  These cats were cozy and at home.  The owner of the rescue runs things the way I would.  These cats have a permanent home with her and IF the exact right person comes along and can provide the perfect home they can be adopted.  Otherwise these cats live slap-dab in the lap of luxury at the shelter.  I had a great time and didn't feel at all guilty or sad when we left.  It might have been the baby lambs the owner rescued that Michelle and I were able to bottle feed, but maybe not.  Maybe I've finally found a place to volunteer with plenty of animals I can help but not feel the need to bring home.

3.  Eric and I have made some cool new friends that we're excited about.  I've met some really awesome ladies through my girlfriend Rachel.  She has a great front yard where we meet up about once a week and watch the kids play in the pool while we gab.  So.Fun.  In fact, we went to a bbq last weekend at one of the ladies houses and I LOVE HER!  She is effing hysterical and makes me laugh so much.  She's got a great daughter and we're really looking forward to meeting her husband this Sunday.  We're already planning a couple's trip to Cannon Beach with them!  Side note:  One of Josie's neighbors came over while we were there and happened to have some tarot cards with her.  She pulled a card for me then one for Eric.  She had some really insightful things to say and Eric and I both agreed she was extremely intuitive.  Eric is very skeptical (but open minded) about such things, but he had fun and we both agreed her reading was bizarrely spot on.  Bizarre for Eric anyway.  You know me, I am totally into all of that!  *wink*

4.  We're still loving the house in spite of the drama that living an older home can bring (plumbing issues and such).  Our neighbor upstairs did a cleansing and blessing the weekend she moved in and was kind enough to come downstairs and do her thing in our apartment too.  She uses Native American practices in her work so she drummed and sang Native songs and it was amazing.  She sang a blessing for us as a couple as well as our business.  Eric and I talked about it after she finished and we both agreed that although we don't necessarily understand everything about what happened or what she did, it was a great experience.  Whenever anyone offers to cleanse and bless your home, take advantage!   I would feel the same way if our neighbor happened to be Catholic and invited a priest in.  I am open to any and all goodwill that comes our way no matter what the spiritual path is.  How can it be a bad thing for someone to perform ceremonies in their practice that offer well wishes and good things for you?  We have felt great since she did it, so mission accomplished.  She's a fantastic neighbor by the way.  We couldn't have asked for a better person to live above us.  She's turning out to be a good friend, and I'm grateful for that.  She likes my smelly dog and is down to chat when we cross paths.  Also, she recommended the bakery up the street that makes this pastry I'm having a love affair with this very minute.

5.  Eric's on the hunt for a group of guys to play Dungeons and Dragons or poker with and according to Craig's List there are plenty to choose from.  Eric is a lot more tentative about meeting strangers than I am, so he's taking his time to find the right group.  I've never met a stranger so anyone I meet that I have anything in common with I consider a friend.  Eric is careful to find drama free people who have jobs and pay their bills on time (his sarcastic words, not mine).  Sometimes it's shocking what a great couple we are considering the huge difference in our personalities.

6.  Work is going well.  We're steadily getting regular calls for jobs from the two clients we have and Eric has a meeting with a potential client on Wednesday, so cross your fingers for him.  In the meantime we're having fun in Portland and starting to plan weekend excursions to the coast and Seattle soon.

Here's a few pictures too, pictures make any blog better!

Where I sat while I typed this blog.  I spent Sunday planting flowers and herbs so I took advantage of the patio to write.  There is the pastry I mentioned earlier (savory with onions, asparagus and cheese).  I'm totally buying you one when you come visit.  You will love me forever.  

Avocado seeds I'm finally getting around to rooting.  It will take a while from what I understand, but I'll be patient.  Tip if you want to try it:  Soak the seeds overnight in water to soften them up and use corn handles to keep them half immersed in water.  
I tried toothpicks and gave up after I broke seven trying to get them in.

Eric declaring to a lazy Lindsey that it is Saturday night and time to get the party started.  It worked.  

Lazy Lindsey a few hours earlier that Saturday looking particularly...well...lazy.  However; Eric walked by and randomly said my hair looked like spun gold instead of saying I looked like a zombie which would have been closer to the truth.  He's a keeper.  And, I freshened up before we went out that evening.  

The Reggie.  We went finally got around to trying Pine State Biscuits last week after driving over and finding the line somewhat manageable (it wasn't wrapped around the building).  I regretted my choice almost immediately.  This place has been featured on every Food Network show it seems because they have outrageous biscuits. The three owners are also from North Carolina, so I would try anything they were serving in the hopes that it reminded me of NC. This one has bacon, fried chicken, sausage gravy and cheese.  With a side of heartburn and fatigue.  I'm no light weight when it comes to food (my ass the size of Texas proves it) but this biscuit did me in.  The mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice, sweet tea, and pimento cheese is what I'll have when I take you here.  You can order what you like, and I'll make sure I have Alka-Seltzer on hand for desert. 

Graffiti on the side of a building we walked past.  Enough said.  

If you made it to the end of this post, you are probably my mom and I thank you!  Hope you and yours are happy and healthy, see you soon!!!!!