Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday...lovely to see you again!

It's Saturday morning and I am in heaven. Steaming mug of hazelnut coffee with a smidge of hazelnut creamer and my favorite quilt wrapped around me. Ahhhhh....

Wicket is snoring softly next to me and hubbin is quietly on his laptop a few feet away.


There are a dozen things we could do today all of which sound fun and perfect. Planting flowers in the garden, finding a new spot for lunch, searching our town for the perfect backyard water feature, the possibilities are endless.

Until we decide what to do with this day I am so grateful to be here. The Wailin' Jennys are "wailin" in the background and we are in no hurry. We've been waiting for this morning for five whole days.

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  1. Icherish Saturday's like this! So nice. :) Thank you for your sweet comment about my herb window. I've actually painted them onto the window itself with acrylics. I've seen windows with actual herbs stuck to them but I wanted to try my creative hand at painting. I plan on picking more windows up and getting a little more artsy and see what I come up with! Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!