Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm on a roll folks!

Here's a pic of my blog's namesake and her name is Wicket. I rescued Wicket about a year and a half ago and she is my ideal dog. I found her running down the street in our neighborhood and when I pulled over to see if she had a collar on she jumped right into my arms. The neighbor whose house we were in front of was shocked because he and his kids had been trying to catch for about three days. He said all they'd managed to do was get her to drink some water from a bowl they left out, but only when they were inside.

The subject of getting a dog was a tricky one in my house. Eric never said no, but he always did a great job communicating that he really didn't want another pet. When I brought Wicket home I had every intention of taking her to the local shelter. Being that she is a full bred shih-tzu and had recently been groomed I knew she had an owner somewhere. She wasn't wearing a collar, but I never got my hopes up. The first thing Eric said when he saw her was "she looks like an Ewok". OMG...this could be my ticket to getting a dog! Eric is a huge Star Wars fan and I figured this might be my big moment. My casual reply to his statement was "'re right. She's pretty an Ewok. She's well behaved too".

Here we are over a year later and she's a member of the family. No one claimed her that week so I promptly made an appointment for her to be spayed and microchipped. She is my napping buddy, walking buddy, and the first thing I see when I walk in the door. Don't get me wrong, we've had a few rocky transitional moments. I am happy to report that our rough patches are over and we are a happy little family. She is terribly camera shy so I don't have too many good pics of her...but here's her best shot:

Adorable, eh?

Here's my first born Murphy. Murph is my shadow. He's not big on cuddling but I sneak it in sometimes since he sleeps like the dead. He's not keen on Wicket either. His favorite pastime is laying in front of the doggy door so she can't get in. I love him though, and recently spent a small fortune to keep him alive after a hunger strike he decided to go on.

Last, and sometimes least, Tucker. Ahhh, Tucker. Tucker and I have had our differences. He is my husband's cat. My favorite joke is that Eric breastfeeds Tucker because that cat is so codependent. He can be a jerk, but when he's not crying incessantly for Eric, or hissing at a guest who got too close, he can be pretty cute.

Eric and I don't have kids so we are pretty crazy about our pets. I decided to post a blog about them because on the blogs I favorites are always pics and anecdotes of family pets. They are irreplacable members of the family and I think I speak for us all when I say they are worth the chaos and stress they can sometimes create!

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